Bhangra Classes

Bhangra classes by PFDA are taught in fun,friendly, and interactive manner. Our minimum age for registration is 5. Our main goal is to create a strong base for the dancer in the field of Bhangra. We offer classes throughout the year. Our trained dancers can dance on music and live. We also teach other traditional dances like Sammi, Jhummar, Luddi, Jindua and Malwai Gidha.

Gidha Classes

Our main focus is to train the dancer on traditional Gidha bollian and also training them to sing the bollian as well.Our coaches teach Gidha in very friendly and interactive manner.We not only teach routines of Gidha but teach them history of Gidha too.

Dhol Classes

Dhol classes are taught in fun and interactive manner. The curriculum taught at PFDA is engineered by a professional dhol expert from India. Our dhol students are trained to be professional dhol players with thorough knowledge of how to maintain their dhols, and play at studio quality standards. Our Dhol instructor is Punjab State award winner.

Bhangra Fitness Classes

We offer bhangra fitness classes for adults both male and femalein summer. The main focus is on exercise. We teach the basics of bhangra in this class so that dancers can enjoy theirdancing.Enrollment for the fitness classes is for minimum 2 months.

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What is the age of registration?

We register 5 years and older.

When is the classes?

For the beginners mostly on weekends. But some trained groups have classes on weekdays.

When you start new classes?

In the first week of every month.

What should kids wear for dance class?

Simply wear light comfortable clothes and clean indoor shoes-bring bottle of water

How long it takes to become a trained dancer?

It depends upon the capability of the dancer.

What will happen after the kid learns the basics?

We move the kid into advanced teams based on their age.Our trained teams participate in competitions across North America

Do the dancers get to perform?

Yes at our annual events and other events in Edmonton

Do you teach boys and girls separately?

In the beginning we teach basics together. When they get trained then moved into separate teams.

Do you teach modern or traditional moves?

We teach a combination of both. But our main focus to develop the strong base of traditional dance.

Do you have teams for competitions?

Yes we have teams for competitions. Our teams participate in the top competitions in North America.

Do you have classes for Adults?

Yes we have classes for Adults both male and female.

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