The most popular and well established folk dance academy and the creation of Mr. Gursewak Singh Sidhu was created to promote and preserve the punjabi culture and dance. He is a 2 time gold medalist in the event of Individual folk dance Competition of World Level, organized by Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, Llangollen, Wales U.K. in July 2004 & July 2006.Gursewak Singh Sidhu earned the privilege to judge the top bhangra competitions in America,Canada and India like Jashan Bhangra in 2011 and 2012, and Motor City Bhangra in 2015 and 2016. Gursewak Sidhu is working in this field from last 24 years.

Why we teach?

Dance is a method of communicating what words can’t describe. Once this is understood, the journey to explore the way different cultures perform their art begins. Punjabi cultural performing arts are based on communicating old tales of farming, lifestyles, displays of affection, and celebrations. Bhangra and Gidha are amongst the popular choices of Punjabi cultural performing arts and it’s the style our in-house teams specialize-in.

Our passion and motivation to teach this art is driven by the feelings we as professional dancers have experienced on stage performing this very old performing art. The exhilaration, the emotion, the excitement, all play a role in the overall experience that we wish to give other’s an opportunity to feel.

Punjabi Folk Dance Academy’s mission is to preserve, promote and prosper the Punjabi Folk art with devotion and dedication. And this mission is only achievable if we are successful in educating our students about the history of the art and why it is performed in the way it is.


Bhangra Classes

Bhangra classes by PFDA are taught in fun,friendly, and interactive manner. Our minimum age for registration is 5. Our main goal is to create a strong base for the dancer in the field of Bhangra. We offer classes throughout the year. Our trained dancers can dance on music and live. We also teach other traditional dances like Sammi, Jhummar, Luddi, Jindua and Malwai Gidha.

Gidha Classes

Our main focus is to train the dancer on traditional Gidha bollian and also training them to sing the bollian as well.Our coaches teach Gidha in very friendly and interactive manner.We not only teach routines of Gidha but teach them history of Gidha too.

Dhol Classes

Dhol classes are taught in fun and interactive manner. The curriculum taught at PFDA is engineered by a professional dhol expert from India. Our dhol students are trained to be professional dhol players with thorough knowledge of how to maintain their dhols, and play at studio quality standards. Our Dhol instructor is Punjab State award winner.

Bhangra Fitness Classes

We offer bhangra fitness classes for adults both male and female in summer. The main focus is on exercise. We teach the basics of bhangra in this class so that dancers can enjoy their dancing.Enrollment for the fitness classes is for minimum 2 months.

Golden Moments

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